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Philipp Stolz
Digitalisierungsbeauftragter, Wirtschaftsförderung
07162 4008-12
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Zimmer 007

Information for non-German Speakers

What's to do now?
If you want to educate yourself about the effects of the Corona-Virus on your everyday lives, we want to direct your attention to the website of the federal integration officer. Here you'll find all the crucial information you'll need to protect yourself and those around you during the current crisis and further sources of information. The information provided on said website is available in the following languages:
- English
- Türkçe
- Polski
- Français
- Italiano
- ελληνικά
- Hrvatski
- Română
- Български
- فارسی
- 中文语言
- عربي

Furthermore, to get to the english version of the ordinance of the state government of Baden-Württemberg click here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the head of digitalization and economic promotion Philipp Stolz.

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